Complete solution for quality control optimization

Turnkey solution design and implementation

Quality control automatization and optimization

Smart and independent visual inspection

Records and analysis of manufacturing data

Enhance your production with industrial.VISION

We provide a complete solution for industrial quality control optimization. We develop our own software product, called industrial.VISION, which provides a simple and unified interface for quality controllers. It can also be fully integrated with manufacturing systems. 


We design the construction and mechanisms of automatization with an ideal price performance ratio based on our customers’ needs. We use HD camera systems, lasers and other sensors to capture and measure products in detail. If needed, we integrate third party solutions, we cooperate with the world’s leading suppliers of computer vision and robotization systems. 


The acquired data is evaluated by industrial.VISION. We use artificial intelligence, convolutional neural networks, machine learning, adaptive algorithms, etc. The evaluated data is used to perform extensive analyses to identify production enhancement potential.

  • Automate your quality control
  • Control the quality of partial elements and/or the final product
  • Find defects even human eye can’t see
  • Get proofing documentation throughout the entire manufacturing process
  • Analyze and optimize manufacturing processes

Key features

Turnkey solution

We design turnkey solutions including computer vision, AI, robotization, etc. We will prepare you for industry 4.0.

System integration

We integrate computer vision and robotization systems from the world's leading suppliers.

Part of the manufacturing

We become an inseparable part of the manufacturing process and systems


We provide service and support. We guarantee the reliability of our solutions.

Licensed SW

Support, maintenance and new functions of industrial.VISION. We also help with expanding the SW use.

Artificial intelligence

We use the most advanced computer vision and image data analysis algorithms.

Adaptive learning

Machine learning and convolutional neural networks continuously enhance control precision.

User centered

Simple administration and setup. We focus on a regular user.

Our references

Hyundai Mobis

Industrial zone Nošovice


For Mobis Automotive Czech Ltd. we, as the system integrator, created a visual control stand on the production line making car cockpits. In cooperation with our partners, we constructed a box with cameras, which takes pictures of critical places and checks to see if there is a mistake or not. Thanks to our solution, human error has been lowered to an absolute minimum. In addition, the data from the camera system provides records of all manufactured products.

Hyundai Dymos

Industrial zone Nošovice


Hyundai Dymos Czech makes car seats for Hyundai Tucson, i30 and ix20 cars. The integration of the industrial.VISION solution, developed in cooperation with our partners, provided product proofing photos and automated the quality control of the car seats and their parts.

How does it work?

Cameras with high resolution, laser sensors and other measuring tools collect necessary data. To evaluate the collected data, industrial.VISION is using artificial intelligence, convolutional neural networks, machine learning, adaptive algorithms, etc. Artificial intelligence in the core of the software is able to detect even less obvious, analytically-indescribable defects, for which most of the other control systems are not prepared. The system continuously improves itself on the basis of the data obtained.

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